...can you unlock the clues to freedom?


Lewiston, ID

The Way Out Is Not the Way In…

You only have 60 minutes!
Escape rooms are an immersive game centered around a specific theme played in an enclosed space. This is not a challenge of physical strength, but rather a battle of wits.
Two or more people work together to discover clues, unravel puzzles and solve mysteries to find the Room's hidden objective.
Since each mind is unique, make the most of everyone’s diverse problem-solving skills to successfully escape the Room.

…Who Wants to Play a Game?


Friends & Families:
Fun for all ages! For the best experience we suggest ages over 7, but younger ones are welcome; an adult must accompany children under 7.

Date Night:
Change things up and get your hearts racing: great for couples, double dates, anniversaries or work with us to create a special marriage proposal.

Business Retreats:
Escape from the daily grind, get everyone thinking on the same page or break out out of a rut—perfect after a long work week.

Special Occasions:
Celebrate birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties (no alcohol, please), or let us help you reveal if it's a girl or a boy!

Please note that the use of stairs may be required to reach the Room location and remember to bring reading glasses, if needed.
While we currently cannot accommodate wheelchairs, individuals who use walkers or canes will not have difficulty moving through the Room and any "stage effects" do not use fog machines or strobe lights.


A Peek Through the Keyhole…

Once you have booked a Room with us, please arrive 15 minutes early to go over game rules and for briefing.
The Mysteress will then spin you a tale of your chosen room.

Step into the Room, hear the door shut behind you and blink in amazement at your new world.
There is now 60 minutes to discover the way out of the Room's scenario! Please do not take apart or destroy any furniture, electrical items/outlets, walls, ceilings, etc.: clues will not be hidden in any dangerous places.

If you fail to escape in the 60 minutes, do not worry: the Mystery Master will give the option of having a 15 minute Room clue walk-through and Q & A session to satisfy your curiosity or you can decline the walk-through and return to tackle the secrets of the Room at a later date.

Your entire time with us will be no more than 90 minutes...but the excitement could make it seem longer or shorter!

Welcome to My Parlor…


Sweetie: The Doctor Is In (And You Better Run)


...Rumor has it, there is a monster, called Sweetie, created to do more than just sense fear. It feeds off terror and grows stronger with the sound of pounding heartbeats. You and your team have unknowingly been captured and are in line to become the Doctor's next specimen. He will be back for you in 1 hour, see if you can escape before it's too late, or risk becoming his permanent guinea pig! (Those afraid of blindfolds and small spaces beware!)


$25.00 per Player


Down The Rabbit Hole


Everyone knows Alice went down the rabbit hole, but what everyone doesn't know is how she actually got out. You have stumbled down the same Rabbit Hole, but over the years the mysterious world has shifted. NOTHING is as it once was, and the subtle clues Alice left behind have morphed into a jumble. Your only hope to get back home is to piece together the few remains of what once was. You have 1 hour before the way out is closed and you are trapped in the insanity forever.



$25.00 per Player

Plan Your Escape…

We can host up to 8 people at a time (please call to schedule larger groups) and suggest that at least 2 people play. But if you wish to tackle a Room alone you are free to do so, if there are no other bookings during that time slot.
If your group is smaller than eight and all eight time slots are not purchased, there is a possibility that you may be grouped with someone you don't know-- as we allow the maximum number of people to register for a time slot.
Who knows you might meet your new best friend!

All bookings are final, however if you need to reschedule please contact us at least 2 hours before your start time and we will do our best to work with you.

Have questions? Want to book a special time and date?


Just email us!
Or call...
Mystery Master Tyler Freeman: (208)792-7253, or Mystery Master Brandon Lantz: (208)792-8111

We are located at: 846 Main St. Lewiston, ID 83501


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